McAdow’s Miles for Rotary Team

Jerry bikes a lot … on average, more than 3000 miles per year. He has biked across the country, the northern half of the Mississippi River, throughout most of the states of the Midwest, in Ireland and Switzerland and back and forth to work about 9 months of every year. He has been a biking “enthusiast” since the early 1970’s. Starting in 2016 Jerry and a group of fellow enthusiasts is now McAdow’s Miles for Rotary Team!

Against this backdrop, we in the Madison West Towne-Middleton Rotary Club are combining this great activity with an opportunity to make a per mile pledge for the year 2017 with the proceeds going to fund ongoing Rotary activities.

We will keep you advised of the miles the McAdow’s Miles for Rotary Team accumulates in 2017 and the places they go (with pictures). The mileage goal for this year is 10,000 miles. Jerry himself has pledged $.05/mile with no maximum amount for the miles he rides. The more the Team bikes, the more support they give to Rotary.