Jerry’s Biography

In many ways, biking has helped define my life.  When I am biking on a long ride (20 to 100 miles), I sometimes wonder why I like biking so much.  I have several theories but in the end, I really do not know.  What I do know is that I am thankful that I like it so much and that my body seems to thrive on it.

I have been biking to work since 1971 and I have not missed a year in that time although a wide variety of events have caused short term interruptions.  The “interruptions” range from simple things like vacations, to illnesses, surgeries and bike accidents.  I and my family have experienced all of them.  But, always, after recovery, it is back to biking.  My son bikes about 700 miles a year.  My daughter rarely bikes.  Our grandchildren bike like most kids, i.e., to get somewhere when their parents won’t take them.  Carol and I bike together on a tandem (500 to 1000 miles a year) and she also rides a recumbent bike many hundreds more miles per year.  As many people know, I bike 3000 to 3500 miles per year (and occasionally more).  I have biked coast to coast, about half the length of the Mississippi River and thousands of miles in every state in the Midwest.  Before the end of this year, I will have logged more than 100,000 lifetime miles.

When I am not biking or engaging in other family and hobby activities, I am a practicing business law attorney with the Madison law firm of Boardman & Clark, LLP (47 years of practice and considering retirement).  Carol and I have been married almost 51 years.  As mentioned above, we have a son and daughter, 9 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren (and another one on the way).

In addition to biking, Carol and I have been avid downhill skiers for many years.  Other “hobbies” include astronomy, model railroading, photography, woodworking and train (real) watching, i.e., I am a “rail fan”.

Two of my favorite mottos are:  (1)  Work hard, play hard; and (2) The weather does not matter … unless it is life-threatening.  This second motto is especially helpful when biking in the rain and/or wind.

Biking has provided me with an additional opportunity to support my Rotary Club by turning my annual biking miles into a long-term pledge ride supported by my fellow Club members and our friends.  This takes a really fun activity and transforms it into service to the community.  What can be better than that?